De-chlorine is a very cost-effective product used to remove free and combined chlorine from reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration feedwaters. This liquid product is a high-quality solution of sodium bisulfite. Feedwaters to membrane systems often contain chlorine to treat and prevent microbiological growth prior to the membrane separation process. This chlorine, however, can irreversibly damage thin film composite membranes by oxidizing the membrane surface. 

  • Extremely fast antimicrobial action in conditions found within membrane separation plants
  • Rapid degradation to relatively non-toxic end products. The dominant degradation pathway under use conditions involves reaction with nucleophilic substances or organic material found in natural waters
  • No adverse effects with repeated use
  • Certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for use as an offline reverse osmosis membrane biocide.


  1. BETZDEARBORN DCL20 (MemKare DX20)
  2. BETZDEARBORN DCL30 (MemKare DX 30)
  3. BIOMATE MBC2881E (MemKare NX 20)
  4. Biomate MBC781 (MemKare NX 10)

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