Oil& Gas and Petrogaschemical Industry

Product lines for Oil& Gas and Petrogaschemical Industry

Drilling Chemical and Additives

Drilling of oil and gas wells is a complex and costly process that requires careful planning and control. One of the most critical factors influencing drilling success is the quality of the drilling fluid.

P&WCH, as a leading local polymer manufacturer, has developed a wide range of polymer products for water-based drilling fluid systems. These polymers are produced in a variety of molecular weights and chemical compositions, allowing for the preparation of drilling fluids ideally suited for various drilling conditions, including challenging geological environments.

Our products and expertise assist our clients in operating more efficiently and achieving their goals.

Fuel Additives

Petroleum Refineries make multiple fuel as well as semi-finished products that go into fuel streams. The basic objective of any Refinery is to make saleable and finished products such as LPG, Gasoline, liquid fuel streams like, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Gasoline, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Gas-oils (Diesel), Marine Diesel, Fuel oils etc.

No refinery makes direct fuels, unless it be treated with specialised additives. Almost all finished fuel products, require varieties of additives before they are consumed in engines or as fuel oils. They function as:

  • Improve the handling characteristics
  • Improve safety and use characteristics
  • Fuel performance characteristics
  • Helps to meet required specifications
  • Helps to maintain the quality specifications for a reasonable period

Hydrocarbon and Processing Chemicals (HCI/PCI)

HPI (Hydrocarbon Processing Industry) and CPI (Chemical Process Industry) are two sectors within the oil and gas industry that involve the processing and treatment of hydrocarbons and chemicals.

The HPI sector focuses on refining crude oil and producing petroleum products. HPI processes convert crude oil and natural gas into marketable products like gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and chemicals. 

The CPI sector focuses on the production of chemicals and chemical products. CPI processes transform raw materials such as petroleum derivatives, natural gas, and other chemical feedstocks into desired chemical products.

Running a safe, reliable and profitable operation is crucial for oil and gas industry. Unplanned downtime and lost production is something oil and gas industry cannot afford, especially in today’s competitive market. JV “Process and Water Chemicals” LLC has proudly served the oil and gas industry for more than 5 years, leading the way in the research and development of chemical solutions to tackle the most complex water and process challenges.

Integrated solutions for refining enable customers to:

  • Protect valuable capital assets
  • Improve energy efficiency and enhance product output
  • Rapidly respond to changing market dynamics
  • Meet regional specifications for finished product  


Understanding that each industry has unique challenges, we offer bespoke chemical solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our expert team works closely with you to understand your needs and deliver products that optimize your cleaning and maintenance processes.

Pre-Commissioning Cleaning Chemicals – before a facility begins operation, it’s crucial to ensure that all systems are free from contaminants that could affect performance. Our pre-commissioning chemicals are tailored to meet these needs: