Mining Industry

Welcome to the world of mining innovation, where challenges are met head-on with proven solutions. The mineral processing landscape has evolved significantly over the last two decades, demanding smarter approaches to extract more minerals from smaller sites while minimizing environmental impact. At P&WC, we thrive on helping the mining industry operate efficiently and profitably.

Our team of seasoned professionals collaborates with plant personnel, tailoring total system approaches to meet specific operational needs. We are offering a comprehensive portfolio of aids like flocculants, coagulants, antiscalants and grinding aids. These aren’t just solutions; they’re game-changers, enhancing process throughput, recovery, asset protection, and environmental responsibility, all while maximizing profitability.

P&WC collaborates closely with clients, offering troubleshooting and guidance through process improvement options. Our in-house laboratories run tests to demonstrate the benefits of our chemistries, ensuring tangible results for your operations.

Product lines for Mining Industry


The types of flocculants, in other words industrial polyacrylamides, are cationic, anionic or nonionic polyacrylamides. P&WC’s polyacrylamides of wide range of charge and molecular weight are sold in dry powder or emulsion format and have excellent performance.

Flocculants are beneficial in any liquid-solid separation process. They are especially recommended for:
• Dissolved air flotation
• Filtration
• Gravity settling
• Mechanical dewatering
• Phosphorus removal


The positive charge of the inorganic coagulant neutralizes the negative charge of the particles in the water, causing the particles to aggregate. During the coagulation process, flocs grow to a limited size, depending on pH, temperature, dose, shear rates, and the type of coagulant used. Coagulation can successfully remove a large amount of particles (including most of the microplastics) and dissolved matter from water. In many applications, such as phosphorus removal from wastewater, chemical treatment using an inorganic coagulant has been shown to deliver better results than any other method.

Coagulants are especially recommended for:

  • Belt filter, centrifuge and screw press dewatering
    • Demulsification
    • Dissolved air flotation
    • Filtration
    • Latex coagulation
    • Water clarification


Antiscalants are substances preventing crystallized mineral salts (scale) from forming in e.g. water pipes, anaerobic digesters and dewatering trains. Our broad range of polymeric antiscalants and dispersants prevent inorganic scale and crystalization and help reduce maintenance time.