Fuel Additives

Petroleum Refineries make multiple fuel as well as semi-finished products that go into fuel streams. The basic objective of any Refinery is to make saleable and finished products such as LPG, Gasoline, liquid fuel streams like, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Gasoline, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Gas-oils (Diesel), Marine Diesel, Fuel oils etc.

No refinery makes direct fuels, unless it be treated with specialised additives. Almost all finished fuel products, require varieties of additives before they are consumed in engines or as fuel oils. They function as:

  • Improve the handling characteristics
  • Improve safety and use characteristics
  • Fuel performance characteristics
  • Helps to meet required specifications
  • Helps to maintain the quality specifications for a reasonable period

Product lines for Fuel Additives

Lubricity improvers

Metallic and Non-metallic for Diesel Products (including GTL Diesel Products)


To prevent degradation and gum forming tendencies

Cold Flow Improvers

Cloud Point Improvers, CFPP improvers, WASA and PPD’s

Conductivity Improvers

Conductivity boost additives For Middle distillates for safe handling