Metallurgical industry involves the extraction and processing of metals. It typically covers the production of metals from ore and includes iron and steel manufacturing, as well as non-ferrous metal production, like aluminum, copper, and nickel. This industry is crucial for various sectors, including construction, automotive, and electronics, due to its role in providing essential materials. Environmental considerations, such as reducing emissions and recycling, are increasingly important in this industry.


You will find high performance water treatment chemicals needed for metal production and processing from JV “P&WCH” LLC. In the metallurgy industry, water treatment is vital for both process optimization and environmental compliance. Key water treatment chemicals used in this sphere include Coagulants and Flocculants, pH Adjusters, Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors, Biocides, Oxygen Scavengers and Defoamers.


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Product lines for Metallurgy

Coagulants and Flocculants

These are used to remove suspended solids in wastewater through aggregation, making them easier to filter out. Examples include aluminum sulfate and polyacrylamides.

pH Adjusters

Chemicals like lime or sulfuric acid are used to balance the pH level of water, which is crucial for various metallurgical processes and to meet discharge regulations.

Corrosion Inhibitors

These chemicals, such as phosphates and silicates, protect equipment by reducing the corrosive effects of water.

Scale Inhibitors

Used to prevent the formation of scale, which can clog pipes and heat exchangers. Common chemicals include phosphonates and polyphosphates.


Essential for controlling microbial growth in water systems. Examples include chlorine and bromine compounds.

Oxygen Scavengers

Chemicals like sodium sulfite are used to remove dissolved oxygen from water to prevent corrosion.