Alkaline and acid cleaning for Membrane

Through the process of acid cleaning and alkali cleaning, CIP remove macromolecular colloids, microorganisms, organic matter, inorganic substances and other fouling that have fouled on the surface of the RO membrane module during the long-term operation, to ensure the normal operation of the membrane system and extend the service life of the membrane module. In addition, the pretreatment of RO is also an important step to protect RO membrane modules and extend their service life.               In general, when the water production rate or desalination rate of the RO system is reduced to 10-15%, it is necessary to perform CIP treatment on the RO membrane module.

  • Extremely effective against oils and many other organic compounds
  • Excellent results when used to clean biological matter and eliminate biological slime from the membrane surface
  • Buffered to maintain an effective pH over a range of dilutions
  • Enhanced performance at elevated temperatures
  • Liquid cleaner which allows shorter mixing time
  • Low foam formulation
  • No adverse effects with repeated use
  • Cost effective membrane cleaner
  • Specially formulated to provide superior cleaning of organics, biofilm, colloidal and iron materials from membrane surfaces
  • Buffered to maintain desired pH over a range of dilutions.
  • Enhanced performance at elevated temperatures.

Product lines for Alkaline and acid cleaning for Membrane