Corrosion inhibitor

Corrosion inhibitors are a concentrated water-soluble filming inhibitor formulated to reduce corrosion and hydrogen permeation in wet hydrogen sulfide environments which, result in blistering and cracking of carbon steel. In addition, these Corrosion inhibitors will reduce general corrosion associated with high pH on both carbon steel and admiralty brass. This product is uniquely formulated to reduce hydrogen activity due to corrosion from contaminants such as hydrochloric acid, carbonic acid, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen cyanide.

  • Reduce hydrogen activity associated with blistering and hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) of carbon steel
  • Work effectively against high pH general corrosion on carbon steel and admiralty brass
  • Obtain excellent resistance to acid attack from HCl, H2S, CO2, and HCN
  • Maintain solubility and dispersibility in both oil and water
  • Maintain low emulsification potential

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