Regional Industrial Fair in Nukus. 05-06-august, 2021.

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JV "Process and Water Chemicals" LLC. Chirchik city, Tashkent region, Uzbekistan.

        JV “Process and Water Chemicals” LLC

at the Karshi Industrial Fair.

The Regional Industrial Fair “Oil and Gas, Electric Power, Chemical, Textile, Leather and Footwear Industry” is being held in Karshi, in which the JV “Process and Water Chemicals” LLC takes part.

The event was initiated by the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan together with the khokimiyat of the Kashkadarya region and Uzbekneftegaz JSC.

Khokim of Kashkadarya region Zoir Mirzaev made a welcoming speech at the opening. He noted the importance of holding such fairs, which provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their goods and services, as well as exchange experiences, make useful contacts for cooperation.

“The holding of regional industrial fairs contributes to the socio-economic development of the region due to the fact that business entities from all over Uzbekistan participate in them” the head of the region concluded.

The spacious pavilion featured stands of large industrial enterprises of the fuel and energy complex, with about 150 domestic business entities producing goods and services.

Within the framework of the event, a scientific and practical seminar was held on the topic of urgent tasks for the active integration of the oil and gas industry and science, the operational implementation of modern scientific and innovative developments into practice.

The exhibition was held at the level of metropolitan events.

Buranov Chingiz Valerievich, chief engineer of the Gazli UGS project:

          “The fair impressed me a lot, the organization of the event was at a high level. I consider it right to hold events of this kind in our time, given the rapid development of industry in Uzbekistan. This helps to speed up the process of forming relationships between enterprises. For our company, participation in this event is, first of all, a statement of competitiveness in the oil and gas space. And for me personally, participation in the fair was a rewarding experience, since I am participating in such events for the first time. Plus, this is pleasant communication and a large number of new useful acquaintances.

In general, the participants and guests of the exhibition agreed that such events arouse interest among investors, and this, in turn, contributes to injections into the budget of both cities and regions.

At the end of the exhibition, all participants were awarded memorable gifts.

Press Centre, Process and Water Chemicals.


Mekhriddin Abdullaev, Zoir Mirzayev and Galina Saidova.


JV "Process and Water Chemicals" LLC

JV "Process and Water Chemicals" LLC​

JV "Process and Water Chemicals" LLC​


JV “Process and Water Chemicals” LLC actively participated in the regional intersectoral industrial fair

     On November 25-26 of this year, there was held the next “Regional intersectoral industrial fair”, which was attended by large and regional enterprises specializing in the production of products for metallurgical, chemical, electric power, electrical, engineering, building materials, agricultural machinery and other industries in Chirchik city.

The main focus of the fair was on supporting local producers, developing cooperation ties in the industry, studying the types of products produced by local enterprises, including small businesses and private entrepreneurship, as well as establishing industrial cooperation.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the industrial fair were attended by Advisor to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the development of economic sectors, implementation of investment and foreign trade policy Ravshan Gulyamov, Deputy Advisor to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the development of economic sectors, implementation of investment and foreign trade policy Galina Saidova, Hokim of Chirchik city Davron Hidoyatov and Chairman of the Board of “Almalyk MMC” JSC Khursanov Abdulla. The industrial fair was held in high spirits and active enterprises were awarded certificates and valuable gifts.

In addition, our company was awarded a certificate and valuable gifts by the Hokim of Chirchik Davron Hidoyatov for active participation in the industrial fair.

Press Centre, Process and Water Chemicals.


“Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Company” Joint Stock Company

JV "Process and Water Chemicals" LLC

Galina Saidova, Aziz Voitov, Davron Hidoyatov and Abdulla Khursanov​

Ravshan Gulyamov and Davron Hidoyatov

JV "Process and Water Chemicals" LLC

Ravshan Gulyamov, Davron Hidoyatov and Abdulla Khursanov

Davron Hidoyatov and PWC team

Intersectoral cooperation is being accelerated             in the system of Uzbekneftegaz JSC

     In accordance with the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-99 dated January 24, 2022 “On measures to create an effective system for the development of production and expansion of industrial cooperation in the country” priority is given to cooperation with.

     JV Process and Water Chemicals LLC have already carried out a number of works to localize the products and services required for the needs of Uzbekneftegaz’s plants at the operational stage. In cooperation with JV Process and Water Chemicals LLC, registered in the Tashkent region, the production of more than 150 types of chemical reagents used to improve the quality of process water was organized in the country.

     “Our company produces chemical products under the license of the French company SUEZ (Veolia). We started our activities in 2017. All the technological equipment needed for the production of chemical products is imported from Europe.

     We supply chemical products required for Uzbekneftegaz, energy, chemical and drinking water industries. At present, 80% of our products are purchased by oil and gas companies. This is a very big result.

     In the future, we plan to localize chemical products for cement, concrete and reinforced concrete products in the Republic under the license of the Turkish company Akdeniz Chemson. We will launch this project in 2022, ”said Jahongir Ruziohunov, Director of JV Process and Water Chemicals LLC.

     Taking into account that these chemical products meet the requirements of Uzbekistan GTL and Uz-Kor Gas Chemical, as well as licensors, contracts worth 61.1 billion sums were signed with plants through the republican electronic cooperation portal ( Experimental work on the remaining 18 types of products is underway.

     It should be noted that the newly developed chemical products are used for the following purposes:

     First, reducing the chlorine concentration, preventing the formation of sediment in the pipes, corrosion protection ensures long-term operation of equipment;

     Second, managing microbiological growth in the water cooling system reduces the hardness of the feed water.

Press Centre, Process and Water Chemicals.                                                                                26.04.2022

Plant Warehouse

Plant Laboratory

Plant area

Uzbekneftegaz – inter-sectoral cooperation.

JV “Process and Water Chemicals” LLC. In “Nurafshon Khabarlari” about Chirchik chemical plant. 06.05.2022.

       Republican inter-sectoral industrial fair 14-18 november.


On November 14 of this year, the Republican inter-sectoral industrial fair started its work at the National Exhibition Center in Tashkent. For the first time, 9,350 products produced by 944 enterprises in 14 regions of Uzbekistan and 21 networks were presented.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Minister of Investments and Foreign Trade Jamshid Khodzhayev emphasized the effectiveness of inter-industry fairs held in our country and signed contracts worth 4.4 trillion soums as a result, drawing the attention of the participants. focused on organizing the fair held this year in a completely new format aimed at stimulating the optimization of the volume of products imported to our country.

Among the presented samples are 2,275 types of imported products that are proposed to be developed on the basis of industrial cooperation, 3,112 types of newly developed products for the purpose of concluding prospective contracts, and 4,998 types of localized products that will be delivered in 2023 to replace imports. In order to attract potential entrepreneurs, the projects of enterprises for the production of this type of products are displayed at a specially organized stand.

Our company “Process and Water Chemicals” also actively participated in this event. Tashkent city Government and “O’zkimyosanoat” organizations showed very active interest in our products. Sufficient and complete information about our products has been provided. In addition, these officials were invited to our factory located in Chirchik, Tashkent region, in order to observe our production process.

Press Centre, Process and Water Chemicals.                                                                                18.11.2022Q

      “Uzbekneftgaz”: another meeting was held with local producers in order to get acquainted with the presentations of industrial cooperation in 2023

Within the framework of the implementation of the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated January 24, 2022 “On measures to create an effective system of development of production and expansion of industrial cooperation in the Republic” No. importance is being paid.

“DrilFlot-Asia” JSC, “Neo Stekloplast” LLC, “Process and Water Chemicals” LLC, “Boiler Engineering Company” LLC and “Manokip Zavodi” located in Tashkent city and region by the “Working Group” of JSC “Uzbekneftgaz” ” The presentations of LLC enterprises on industrial cooperation for 2023 were introduced.

Between “Uzbekneftgaz” JSC and “Process and Water Chemicals” LLC JV, 49 contracts with a total value of 85.6 billion soums were implemented for the needs of “Uzbekistan GTL” LLC and “Uz-Kor Gas Chemical” LLC in 2021-2022.

In particular, in 2022, JSC “Process and Water Chemicals” LLC will supply 18 types for the needs of JSC “Uzbekneftgaz” enterprises, including microbiological control “Bioltrol”, alkali control, decontamination agent, defoamer, ammonium-based antistatic agent, “BETZDEARBORN”, membrane cleaner. and others supplied a variety of chemical reagents.

In 2022, a memorandum was signed between JSC “Uzbekneftgaz” and “Process and Water Chemicals” LLC JV on the acquisition of chemical elements used in drilling purchased from imports. Currently, targeted work is being carried out on the implementation of these works.

Press Centre, Process and Water Chemicals.                                                                                14.01.2023

Discussions were held between UNG and PWC on the 2023 plans.

Discussions were held between UNG and PWC on the 2023 plans.